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Planning an Event

Are you planning an event?  If so, the Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center's facilities can provide a wonderful venue to host your activity.  Facilities and services are extensive and the Expo Center has a high profile in the community and the media to help "get the word out" about your event.  Above and to the right, you'll find links to guide you through the various facilities, as well as a calendar to enable you to determine if your chosen venue is available.  Events can change quickly, so time is of the essence when looking at dates.

Attending an Event

Are you planning to attend an event on site?  Or maybe you're aware of an event, but aren't sure when or where it is being held.  Just check the calendar at right or use the search link above to find the specific event you're interested in.  You can now get the information by month, week, day, table or list form.   Also, you can explore the "Plan an Event" items to get more information about the site and its various venues.



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